Links to Websites of Interest

Listed here for your examination are many websites related to the numerous activities that we participated in during this class. Give these sites a good lookover. You are bound to find them of use at some point as you pursue your career ambitions.

Paddling and Water Safety

Canoe & Kayak Online magazine.
Sea Kayak Carolina Local outfitter with numerous links of interest.
Boat South Carolina Boating safety information.
Boat Washington Numerous fact sheets under "boating safety tips".
Rip Currents How to spot and avoid this beach menace.
Rip Currents NOAA website.
Water levels for SC Rivers NOAA website.
Water data for Saluda River USGS website.


Capers Island Route from the Garris boat landing to the northern end of Capers.
Crowders Mountain
James Island County Park A jewel right in our backyard.

Climbing & Knots

Climbing Essentials Climbing short provided by Cal Tech.
Climbing Lessons How to move on the rock - a beginners guide.
Climbing Online magazine.
Knots  Animated site for learning to tie knots.
Knots Exceptional "how-to" for knot tying.
Knots links Additional sites related to knots and knot tying.


Orienteering Excellent start up for map and compass users.
US Federation for Orienteering
NC Orienteering Club Check their schedule for upcoming meets.
GA Orienteering Club More chances to participate in orienteering meets.
Navigation basics and more Courtesy of Rice University. The official US gov't. information about the Global Positioning System.
GPS A New Constellation Smithsonian exhibit.

Related Information Sources

Charleston Weather Always check before you go!
Princeton U. Outdoor Adventure A must see site.
Leave No Trace LNT homepage
North American Outdoor Skills and Ethics Booklet LNT guidebook
Capers Island GPS Guide
Capers Island Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System.
Crowders Mtn Climbing Routes Great overview of the available routes, rating, etc.
SC Parks Locator Guide
Kings Mountain State Park
American Canoe & Kayak Association National organization's site.
GORP Gear, guides, skills, and more.
Historical Hurricane Data View some of the biggest beasts of the past.
The Moon Descriptions and pictures of the moon's phases.