Previous Maymester Class

Looking back, these were twelve highly motivated students from a wide variety of backgrounds who enrolled. Strangers at first, they became fast friends through their participation in the various activities.

On day 3 our group paddled out by kayak to Capers Island, a barrier island several miles up the coast. Our campsite was out on the front beach. What a view! While the porpoise sightings may be the best remembered, there are countless other coastal animal species to be found during the trip.

The rock climbing trip introduced the climbers to routes such as the 85-foot high chimney named Caterpillar. There were other climbs there to engage all of the students. Gastonia Crack was another favorite. The least favorite part of the trip was the grueling hike each day up to the top of the mountain punctuated by a series of 334 stairs at the end of the trail.

For many of the students a common feeling was that they did more than they thought they could handle, and they were very happy afterwards that they had exerted themselves.

What a great bunch this was. It was, simply put, a pleasure to work with them. View the class photos if you'd like an idea of some of the fun that was had.

Links to websites of interest

Listed here for your examination are many websites related to the numerous activities that we participated in during this class. Give these sites a good lookover. You are bound to find them of use at some point as you pursue your career ambitions.

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What is Leave No Trace?

The Leave No Trace outdoor ethics can be summarized in its 7 guiding principles:
Plan Ahead and Prepare -- Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces --
Dispose of Waste Properly -- Leave What You Find -- Minimize Campfire Impacts -- Respect Wildlife -- Be Considerate of Other Visitors

The member-driven Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. This copyrighted information has been reprinted with permission from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: